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Garage Door 101

Not all garage doors are created equal. Even though many dealers and manufacturers use R-value and door thickness as a measure of quality, we at Winser Doors know better! The fact is you must look on the inside of the garage door to see how it is constructed. In our showroom we have cut garage doors apart so you can see the difference. When you make your decision, you will know that the garage door you are purchasing is the best one for your application.

Considerations for Buying Your New Garage Door

The following questions and considerations should be kept in mind as you shop for your next residential garage door:

Will My New Garage Door Fit?

Yes! Sometimes openings will require modifications to the opening height or width to allow a sectional door to be installed, or possibly a modification to the door size may solve the issue.

Is There a Standard Size for a Garage Door?

There are a number of different standards for the size of garage doors. The most common sizes are 8′, 9′ and 16′ wide by 7′ or 8′ in height. Door heights of 6’3″, 6’6″, 6’9″, or heights in 3″ increments, are also common. Door widths can be customized to suit your opening. Keep in mind, doors can overlap openings.

Why Buy an Insulated Garage Door When My Garage Is Not Insulated? - STRENGTH!!

If your garage is not insulated, a hot car parked in a cold garage can cause condensation and frost to form on the garage door. This condensation leads to dripping on people and cars. Non-insulated doors also have horizontal ledges in their construction that are gathering places for dust and debris. Non-insulated doors resonate sound when in operation, making them much louder than insulated doors.

Who Makes the Best Garage Door?

No one manufacturer makes the best door for every application. At Winser Doors we deal with different manufacturers in order to satisfy the specific needs of our customers. If your interest is colour, “R” value, hardware durability, distinctive panel designs, warranty or country of origin, we have the garage door for you.

Price vs. Value, How do I Decide? 

We are not all independently wealthy and price has to be a consideration. Too often we hear people tell us they want a cheap door. They really don’t want a cheap door. What they really want is value. Our wide variety of products covers all price ranges.

Do You Offer a Replacement Warranty?

Winser Doors guarantees satisfaction…period! Check out our testimonials or browse our vast list of reference when you visit our showroom in Cambridge.

Does Installation Really Make a Difference? 

The best garage door in the world still has to be installed properly. To ensure that the work is done right the first time, we do not sub-contract our installations to economize. All installations are performed by paid employees with normal employee benefits and insurance which protects both you and our staff.

What Should I Know When I Come To The Showroom?

In order to be able to accurately assist you when you visit our showroom, we need you to have the following information:

  • The width of the garage opening
  • The height of the garage opening
  • The measurement from the floor to the underside of the ceiling or the lowest obstruction
  • The existing door type (one piece tilt or sectional, wood or steel)
  • A picture of your home
  • Your vision of what you would like your door to look like.

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