Undercover Boss ... and Garage Doors

I’m getting old … there’s just no way around that … I’m old and I’m a garage door guy …

Lately I’ve been looking at life and thinking that I need to get in shape … surprisingly riding a desk for hours and hours a day hasn’t been the workout I was hoping for. So a few months ago I decided that since my waist wasn’t getting any smaller, and I hate going to the gym, that I would start installing overhead garage doors regularly. See, installing a garage door and garage door opener is actually quite physical. I have found that after doing it for a few months, things are a bit better all around. I’ve lost weight, toned up and generally feel better!

But most importantly, I have learned a lot about the installation side of Winser Doors. See, I cut my teeth on the “business” side, not installing garage doors and openers, so the installation part was always a bit foreign to me. But after doing this for some time, I am learning an absolute ton!

For example, CHI Garage Doors are much easier to install than some of their counterparts. Their system is just perfectly set up for the installer, and I really like installing them. It just plain works! Our main vendor Richard Wilcox Garage Doors, has the most robust hardware and their engineering exceeds all the others I’ve worked with, but this is offset by the extra work Winser Doors Technicians need to do to install it. Regardless, they make the best doors.

So, thanks to this new exercise regime, I feel much better and have a greater appreciation for what our technicians must endure as they go about their day installing garage doors and garage door openers.

Now, it’s time to soak these old muscles in the tub … or maybe just Advil…… :)