Garage door

Is Your Broken Garage Door Bugging You?

There is almost nothing worse than getting up in the morning, getting the kids off to school and yourself off to work only to walk out to the garage and find that your car is trapped behind a broken garage door that won’t open! UGH. What to do?

When Winser Doors customers call us, we ask them to look at two things while they're in front of the broken garage door that won’t go up. The first thing you want to inspect is the cables. They're located on each side of a sectional garage door and attach at the bottom and run up to the shaft at the top. If one or both are missing or loose, then that could be your problem. But this likely isn’t your only problem. It's quite possible that your garage door spring is also broken. This is easily determined by looking up at the spring to see if there's a gap in it. The spring is found above the garage door and looks like a coil.

So what do you do with the info you’ve found when you look at your broken garage door? Well if the cables are both snug and the spring is intact, then likely your garage door opener is broken. Just pull the red rope and manually lift the door and you're on your way! However, if one or both of the other conditions exist, then it’s time to call in the experts at Winser Doors, as the door is now “dead weight” and will have to be lifted by a big beefy door technician!