Control Your Garage Door from Anywhere: With the MyQ App It’s Possible

Liftmaster, the largest supplier of garage door openers in the world, came out with MyQ a few years ago and we at Winser Doors have fully embraced it.

MyQ is a free service supplied with MyQ enabled garage door openers, for everyone from Tech-geeks to moms who just want the extra security of monitoring the kid’s activities. (And yes…moms can be tech geeks!) Enough kidding around, why does it appeal to this 50 something? I love it because with just a quick tap on the MyQ app on my iPhone I can tell whether someone has opened the door at the cottage, (right now I can see that the garage door has been closed for 12 days). I also really like that should someone open the door, like one of the kids for example, I get an email notification, so I know they made it safely. Furthermore, I like that if a contractor needs to get in the house to look at something, I can open (and close the door) from anywhere in the world, so I don’t need to give out my code anymore. This all adds to my sense of security!

It works over the household wifi and is really easy to setup, but of course if you wish, the Winser Doors Technicians are all highly trained and can do it for you! Call us today to learn more.

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